The terms of use of the open data of the Univeristy of Tampere:

  • The technical interface of the service is open on all weekdays 24 hours a day. The IT Administration maintains its systems once a month on established days, which may cause breaks in the service.
  • The data set is updated once a day. Hence, the data set includes changes in the data made within the previous day.
  • The open data interfaces are used on the user’s own responsibility.
  • The University of Tampere provides the interfaces as it is without any guarantee of the functionality of the applications using the interfaces.
  • The Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license is applied to the material based on the Public Administration Recommendations’ (JHS recommendations) recommendation JHS 189. The condition of reuse and upgrading of the open data is that the service provider does not use the logo of the University of Tampere or mix the appearance of the service with the University of Tampere in any way.
  • The technical maintenance and replying to support requests takes place during office hours.